Door Exp.

Door Specialists

Hilliard Glass fabricates and installs custom or standard door hardware in our shop and then inspects for proper operating procedures. With over 20 years experience in door hardware installation, Hilliard Glass has been able to reduce or eliminate costly and inconvenient service calls on doors not working properly. This also allows Hilliard Glass to work closely with contractors on the front end of projects to reduce costly errors that affect the overall job schedules

Cutainwall Exp

Aluminum Curtainwall and Storefront

Hilliard Glass has over 20 years experience fabricating and installing aluminum curtainwall and storefronts. The fabrication is accomplished in the shop under a controlled atmosphere. This process allows Hilliard Glass to do all vinyling, water damming and sealant testing in the fabrication process. This eliminates the need to do these steps in the field under adverse environments. Through these steps taken in fabrication, this allows Hilliard Glass to meet all project schedules , eliminate leaks, accelerate the installation process and provide a quality product to the customer.

Composite Panel Exp

Composite Panels

Hilliard Glass will fabricate and install composite panel and custom composite panel systems. The ability to hand route or machine route allows us to achieve any shape required to meet desired sightlines and aesthetics.

Composite panels vary in thickness: 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm. We have the experience to recommend the proper size, shape, and thickness required to meet the project demands.